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Our Specialties:



Taco is the most popular street food in Mexico. Noon usually eaten standing and if there is time – sitting on a stool. The tortilla is the basic ingredient and is functioning here as pita. Spread it xu paste with beans or avocados, place meat or seafood, herbs and other sauces and fold in half – get tacos (If Spread salsa and roll around the filling for a closed roll – get a burrito).

Rebozos makes  the Taco sandwich the star of a mexican summer party with the sea breeze. Despite passionate love Mexican Kitchen occasionally swerving classics and gave room for personal interpretation. The result: a Mexican spirit but with typical mishmash with other latino countries. Its  be fresher and happier, constitute the very moment taco serving guests and participants! Unlike the taco dishes are served on the street (3 tortillas per serving) our party prepare a tortilla tacos. Eliminating two or three bites, rinse the throat with a margarita and taco go next. If you please look at the dessert at the end, we should also look to save room for dessert.




Mexico’s smell is the smell of fresh tortillas and corn flour, roasted local village bakery or heated la plancha urban Tucker. You can not ignore that smell. It has a hypnotic effect and addictive awakens the imagination and longing to eliminate immediately tortilla bites embodies rich color and flavor suitable for any time of day.
In the morning eat tortillas with eggs and tomatoes, lunch and dinner will pack the contents of fish, meat or seafood and beans and can even cheese. These will be accompanied by fresh vegetables and lots of chili fire stars in colorful and diverse gallery of salsas and dips.



In fact the first two and is of Spanish origin definite served in Spain (the mother of all American countries) and churro. This is actually a fried pancake made from flour and water and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Churro’s latest developments are a selection of fillings injection into ham “of churro and have qzz in your life and have fun!

The second dessert which is proud Mexicans quince jelly. This dessert is served in Argentina, usually with a slice of sharp cheese.
Mexican desserts feature is the Sugar and sugar again. Glazed fruit sugar, various candies, marzipans with many colors and colorful kitsch decorations.
In the eyes of the joy associated with Mexican food can in fact have “it serious mache candy stuffed in abundance in every Fiesta Mexicana, children as well as adults. Chrro is known as a natural great remedy for snoring used together with exercising regularly with a bike, a but like natural antibiotics. It can help the cold go away even in a few days.


The Benefits of a healthy Meal

Difficult to maintain a proper diet which consists of eating healthy food is cooked or fresh. To keep eating healthy food you will notice several things.

The first thing is to play down as much as possible by eating fried foods which contain a lot of oil and food loses all the good things that are in it while frying.

The second thing is, even when preparing cooked food, there is underestimating while cooking and keep the juices that come out of the ingredients during preparation in order not to lose the various vitamins that are in the food and that is what is called basically healthy cooking.

Third, use different ingredients each meal during the day which is considered a healthy food, like eg organic food. Fourth, do not avoid oil completely, but to replace it with olive oil. It is important to know that boiling olive oil loses its best elements that are in itץ Oil has immense medical benefits: Beside serving as an anti oxidant  it also has a great effect to help get over a cold or clear a stuffy nose.

To be successful in all of these have to do a bit of work up front in search of healthy recipes for all types of can- meat, milk, fruits and vegetables and the only way out is made easier for all constant eating healthy food.

Healthy cooking is more complicated than what you have seen so far. If you compare the healthy recipes and recipes that contains artificial instances  today, you will see that the preparation process is not long or difficult, but change is in the ingredients of the meal.

You can prepare everything under the category of healthy cooking and even desserts can be prepared and very tasty sweets and still maintain a balanced diet that is based on healthy food.

Healthy Recipes Healthy cooking purposes can be found in any place- TV cooking shows, forums or websites of healthy cooking, web programs, newspapers and magazines of cooking and the like.

Today, with the growing awareness of healthy food, proper eating new education and increasing demand, so supply is growing and growing all the time in supermarkets and supermarkets that contain only healthy food. Families, individuals, chefs, cooks, offices, cafes, restaurants, and other chef restaurants, everyone understands the importance of making their kitchen for the sake of better nutrition for them and their clients.

Eating for your skin

Skin is a mirror that reflects the physical and mental state we are in, especially oily skin affected our mood swings, and of course the food we eat. If our bodies are in a bad condition because of poor diet that facial skin look instantly. On the other hand, slight changes in our lifestyle (particularly with regard to nutrition) will allow us to keep skin young, fresh and full of shine that would indicate good health condition.

Recommendations for a healthy diet for healthy skin

All skin types, as well as oily skin are affected by the said food that we eat. There are some general recommendations had a positive effect on all facial skin types, including oily skin also have their skin is very sensitive to changes in diet.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and anti-cancer phytochemicals that are essential for health. In addition, they are the highest quality source of essential nutrients to the skin and can help cure pimples, whiteheads and other skin problems, Make you look younger in a couple of years, and more. It is important to eat them with the skin and cut them very small for a meal. Eat fruit half an hour before eating or two hours after meals.

Drinking plenty of water. Body composed mostly of water, so it is important to provide water throughout the day. There are daily drink ten to 12 cups of water. In this case, oily skin should add no more than that, so as not to cause kidney damage. Drinking is great for hemorrhoids as well, and can prevent this condition from getting worse.
Industrial products. All have skin types, especially oily skin should avoid sweeping white flour, sugar and instead should consume whole grains: whole wheat flour, brown rice, oatmeal and more.

Dress Code

The restaurant enforces a strict dress code for any guests. No sandals or t-shirts are allowed, and all guests are required to wear a dignified clothing code that includes tailored suits and dresses, jackets, skirts and / or tailored pants, polo shirts, high quality knit shirts,  quality accessories. High calf boots are allowed.  In addition, Men should come with a formal dress code, just an appropriate shirt. Suite and tie is not required.

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